When I get Angry

angryWhen I Get Angry
by Stig
Aged 9

  When I feel grumpy I do not like a laugh.

Instead I feel tense and tight.

My head is rushing with anger.

I start to get out of control.

Then bang I blow.

I want to run and be free.

If I am stuck I lash out.

When I lash out I get into more trouble.

I cannot stop.

Eventually I calm.

I feel a heavy sadness.

My son wrote this during a two day exclusion from school following a particularly extreme outburst of anger. You can read more about it here and here. I also wrote a poem that week maybe I’ll share mine on Prose for Thought next week, click the badge to find out more….

Prose for Thought

A Cliff Top Adventure

Nine set out on an adventure along a cliff top path. A path that has a promise of fortunes at it’s end. Mr and Mrs B, Miss B, Mini B, Mr and Mrs H, Stig, Tink and Liquorice the dog. The warm winter sun puts a smile on everyone’s face and even the smallest and often quite reluctant of the group seemed excited at the prospect of a jolly good time ahead.


The journey begins with a steady pace…..


At times the way is treacherous and we have to hold on tight to avoid losing our footing in the slippy sludgy mud.


At other times we run free, tumbling down hills.


Miss B and Tink lead the pack and reach each hill brow in first place.


But the road is long, longer than expected and weariness begins to show…


So a change of direction and a path leading back to the start is taken.


A new path and …..


…..for a short time more vigor.


But then a welly becomes uncomfortable.


Legs get tired….


…and refuse to go any further.


Sustenance is required and a packet of fudge does the trick.


Strength restored it’s time to run ahead.


And as the journey ends daddy is there to say well done.


Our adventure is nearly over and our tired muddy legs reveal the extent of our fun.


And after a quick clean up we take the metal chariot to the place where fortunes can be made.

We were staying in Robin Hoods Bay and this walk was along the the cliff tops from Robin Hoods Bay to Whitby and back along the Cinder Trail.



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A Mini Melodrama



A short One Act Play about Moshi Monsters and one child’s insatiable desire to buy things.


TINK: 8 year old boy wearing a onesie

MUMMY: stunningly beautiful woman of 40 who looks more like she’s in here early 30’s. Although she is still in her dressing gown, her clean face and unkempt hair exaggerate her natural beauty.

Scene 1

SET: A family kitchen that gleams and sparkles with cleanliness, there are no piles of undealt with post, dirty pots or unput away cereal boxes. MUMMY busies herself. A Laptop is open on the kitchen table.

Enter TINK

TINK : Mummy can I look for a moshi on your computer?

MUMMY : Yes, but we are not buying anything today.

TINK sits himself at the table in front of the laptop and starts tapping away, MUMMY continues doing her chores.

TINK: Can I show you something mummy on your computer. This is Mini Ben, I really want him.

MUMMY : deep sigh, walks over to laptop and peers at screen  : That’s great but like I said we’re not buying anything today. Walks away again

TINK : Gasp of breath, hands up to mouth a look of devastation appears on his face : Mummy mummy, there are only two left in stock.

MUMMY: I’m sure they’ll be there another day.

TINK gets down from chair and comes over to MUMMY

TINK : speaks fast and waves hands around in front of his face : Mummy, I’ve still got two pound left from holidays and I think you still owe me a pound so I’ve got enough for him. It’s my money I can spend it when I want, you can’t stop me.

MUMMY Tries best to remain calm and continues with job : But you don’t have enough for the postage as well.

TINK : Can’t you pay for the postage?

MUMMY turns to face TINK : No. It’s daddy’s birthday next week and all my spare money is for daddy. Now I’m going to get dressed.

MUMMY turns to leave

TINK whining: But mummy.

MUMMY : No…  walking away

TINK shouting: But mummyyyyyy….

MUMMY stops and turns:  I’m going to get dressed, you coming out in the garden?

TINK turns away sulking and ignoring MUMMY

MUMMY leaves

Scene 2

SET :A pristine master bedroom, no piles of clothes to put away, no tea cups which need removing and no bed sheets that urgently require changing.

MUMMY now dressed is brushing her hair

TINK enters the room, throws himself dramatically on the bed making whinny sobbing noises.

TINK : Mummy I need it I really need it, I doooooooooo- more sobbing

MUMMY : No, Tink I’ve said no and I won’t change my mind.

TINK : angry voice – Why not it’s my money?

MUMMY : Mummy and daddy have decided that like Stig gets too excited playing computer games you get too giddy about shopping and buying things. You’ve had a lot over Christmas and had money to spend whilst we’ve been away now it’s time for a rest from it.

TINK : sobbing –mummy no, no ,no ,no.

TINK Flails around on the bed pretending to cry but is actually inspecting a scrap of paper he’s picked up.

TINK : It’s not fair, I need him, I really need him.

MUMMY : I understand that you are upset about this but the answer is no. Nothing awful will happen if you don’t have it right now.

TINK : It will, it will, I promised someone in school I would have it to swap, I can’t break my promise. You always tell me to keep promises.

MUMMY : No Tink, I’m going outside to help in the garden are you coming.

TINK : No, I’m not helping in the stupid garden, you’re being mean.

More pretend sobbing.

MUMMY leaves muttering

MUMMY : You’ll win an Oscar for that one day.


SET: A beautiful manicured garden, no soggy piles of leaves left from autumn, no overgrown vegetable patch, no unkempt hedges and no pile of chairs and loungers stacked in a corner going rusty.

MUMMY is digging the vegetable patch

TINK yells from off stage

TINK : Mummy, come here mummy.

MUMMY : No Tink if you want to see me put some shoes on and come outside.

TINK appears in his onesie and his wellys.

TINK : Mummy, I’ve solved the problem.

TINK produces a dishevelled gift bag from behind his back. Dips his hand inside and brings out a squished stuffed heart that he made and has been keeping under his bed with a lot of toys and other  c**p for  at least six months.

TINK : See I found this present that we can give daddy for his birthday. Now you don’t need all your money for daddy’s present you can pay the postage on Mini Ben.

MUMMY :  suppressing laughter : That’s very kind of you to give that lovely heart you made too Daddy but the answer is still no.

TINK : I don’t see why, you can afford it, I know you can, you are just being mean, I hate this house and this family,

MUMMY turns to continue digging.

Tink : screams – AAGGRRHHHH – turns and stamps off.


Some minutes pass.  MUMMY continues digging.

TINK reappears clutching a tin box with moshi monsters spilling over the top. He has a sad face and seems to be fighting back the tears.

TINK: Mummy has the plastic bin been collected yet?

MUMMY : What?

TINK : The rubbish bin, I’m going to put my moshis in it. – More sobbing

TINK : I’ve let them down, I promised my moshis I would get Mini Ben, I’ve let them down too many times. I can’t keep letting them down. I think it’s best if they go.

MUMMY : You can’t put those in the plastic bin. I really think you should wait before you throw them away. You’ve got so many it would be a shame. This is not going to change my mind and you would lose them all. Anyway those Moshis love you and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. Come on take them in, we are going to have lunch soon.

MUMMY continues digging

TINK: But mummy……

TINK  stands for a moment starring at MUMMY, sighs and leaves with the Moshis.

MUMMY finishes her digging and starts to tidy away.

TINK reappears

TINK : Mummy I think I can get Mini Ben from a swap in school. I totally forgot. I’ve decided I don’t need to buy him because I remembered I don’t need him.

MUMMY : puts arm around  TINK : That’s great. Let’s go and have some lunch.

TINK and MUMMY  leave.

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Wot So Funee?

Sticky Chicken Wings

stick chicken

top left and right – the ingredients, bottom left – the sticky sauce, bottom right – ready for sticky fingers

I had forgotten all about chicken wings, clear off my food radar they were, until this Christmas. Not sure where they reappeared from, maybe some passing feature on daytime telly or pushing a trolly past the party food shelves in the supermarket but they did reposition themselves. Trying to put a buffet style menu together for New Years Eve lunch with my sister and family and ping they appeared.

I recalled a recipe I’d used before and sought it out and I also recalled that Waitrose was a good place to shop for this sometimes difficult to find item. Sure enough they still do stock them and are very reasonable at £2.29 for a pack of approximately 10 pieces. There are few other ingredients so these little bites are a simple and easy party food. To make things really easy you could use the cheat jars of minced garlic and ginger, however I must say I really enjoy the zing you get from freshly grated ginger and when preparing the sticky sauce the aroma of chopped garlic and fresh ginger is a heavenly combination, to me anyway.

A big plate of these on the table and it seemed Stig had forgotten all about chicken wings too…

“what are these?” finger pointing,
“what is on them?”
“oh that sounds nice”
“can I try one?”
After eating two he returned for two more, then some more, then he asked…
“Can I finish them?”

Due to this success I made them for a week night tea this last week. Served with a couple of salads, houmous, carrot sticks and warm crusty bread we shared a fun family meal that had a hint of Al fresco about it. I think it’s safe to say I wont be forgetting about these babies again.


20 chicken wings
1/2 cup (120g)  honey
1/2 cup  (125ml) soy sauce
3 cloves of garlic crushed
4cm piece of ginger finely grated

1. Preheat the oven to 220C/ 200C fan assisted Gas mark 6/7.

2. Combine all the ingredients to make a dark sticky sauce.

3. Add the chicken to the sauce and toss. At this point you can leave the chicken to marinade or choose to cook immediately.

4. Place chicken on a tray, baste with remaining sauce and place in oven. Turn occasionally and cook for 30 minutes or until chicken is cooked through.

5. Serve and enjoy the sticky fingers.

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