Bertie and Bella



At Christmas time, after many visits to our new local pet shop and  repeatedly nagging my husband we acquired two lovely little Zebra Finches. I was delighted with them and spent lots of time in the dining room where they were housed watching them and listening to their delightful chirps. Their names, Annie and Albert, Bertie for short.

They have a good sized cage and but after a few escapes during clearing and one where the cat knocked the cage over, I realised that once out they would return when hungry. So they get to have a fly around every now and again and it helps to clean the cage.



023We unfortunately lost Annie a couple of weeks ago and are unsure why, she went down hill in 24 hours. As they are very sociable little birds with their own kind, not so much with humans, we did replace her with Bella fairly quickly because Bertie was definitely very lonely. His excitement in meeting Bella when she arrived was quite obvious, the chattering and fluttering as he began to show off to her was wonderful.



They are real little characters and distinctly different in personality, Annie was a slightly anxious little thing but Bella is not like that at all and keeps Bertie in line and is not so taken with his preening and dandy behaviour. The female, as is often the case with birds, is the less marked or decorative where as the male has more colourful markings his oranged cheeks being the most distinct way of identifying them.

When they are out of their cage they have taken to perching up in the chandelier, which makes for a bit of a funny sight.



The Weekly Adoption Shout Out 26/04/13

Last week saw another good week on the Weekly Adoption Shout Out with some great posts covering a diverse area of topics; you really are all very creative. It’s really good to share experiences and through doing so we hope to help others to feel less alone and also assist people in understanding more about the lives of those involved in adoption.

We have a lot going on around the Weekly Adoption Shout Out at the moment and both The Puffin Diaries and The Boys Behaviour are very excited for the future. We can’t tell you much yet but we look forward to sharing our future plans soon. For now we are here this week to enjoy some great posts from all you bloggers. Those who wish to can join the theme for the week, which is “regression”, however as always it is optional and therefore you can add your posts about any aspect of adoption that you’ve written about recently.

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Winning Flowers

046These are the flowers that my family bought for me as a reward for running the London Marathon. I really love them, so bright and cheery, exactly what I’ve needed to put a smile on my face whilst I limp around the kitchen.

I’ve been trying to educate my 2 boys on the art of buying flowers for a lady. Here are the golden rules in my opinion.

1 Under no circumstances should you ever buy a woman flowers from the petrol station and supermarket flowers are not always a good thing either.

2. If in doubt go for a bunch of all the same type for example tulips, daffodils or roses.

3. The best place for flowers is a good florist.

Taking this information on board my oldest son tried to reassure me that these flowers had indeed come from my local favourite florist. However the one that doesn’t lie, Tink, revealed they were actually from Waitrose. I was gracious and suggested that if the flowers were to come from a supermarket then Waitrose was probably the best option.
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