DSC_0071Things are starting to blossom in our garden. Small shoots are transforming into pursed pods and then bursting into an array of soft pinks, luscious lilac and not to be forgotten blue.  It is a very favourite time of the year when the garden offers much promise of the future months ahead. There is hope all around.

Hope is something I increasingly hold in my heart today. The family seems to be moving in an increasingly positive direction and although it will in no way be plain sailing, I have hope.

When I surreptitiously watch my oldest boy Stig, I beam with pride at how he is blossoming into a fine young man. Like those garden buds, he’s found his moment and is making the most of a new found energy. He is taking school and home life very much in his stride; very few days bring a display of unregulated anger .

Like a watered shoot pushing through warm soil, little Tink forges forward with his opinions and thoughts. Yes he now, sometimes, has far too much to say on his preferences, but it is wonderful to see him exploring the ability to let us know how he feels.

For me a new horizon has appeared in my battle with depression. A specialist referral has brought a greater understanding of the illness I live with and improved care in how to deal with it. I am starting to have desires for life that have long been alien to me and like an opening flower; I strain my face towards the sun to increase my new lust for life.

For Mr H everyone’s improving wellbeing brings the same relief that warmer weather brings after a long cold winter. He can return more to his own thoughts and needs, and look forward to even brighter days ahead.

So not unlike our garden we are all doing blooming lovely today. DSC_0094 DSC_0111 DSC_0129


And as with many gardens and families, there are always areas which require some work. This once thriving vegetable patch will be my project in the garden when the time comes, and with my family ,well let’s wait and see what projects present themselves, there is always something around the corner.


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