Making Little Monsters

little MonstersIn the spirit of The adoption Social #SummerSandpit, I introduced Tink to Pinterest this week. I’ve made him his own little board which can see here. I was determined after his refusal to do leaf painting last week that I was going to get him involved this time. He delighted at all the marvelous projects that came up when we searched “children’s sewing projects”. When the little felt monsters appeared things were settled, that would be our project.

You will find the original post for making these little monsters on MollyMoo Crafts. We have slightly altered ours and not yet got around to making the beds.

I cut the felt shapes for the bodies and the boys did near enough everything else. I am very proud that they are both very capable in their sewing ability, especial as fine motor skills have at times been a problem for them. As we sat on the sofa, with both of them sewing and myself crocheting, there was an air of peace. Both have said that they find sewing very relaxing which makes a sewing, crafting mum very happy to hear.

Today I took the little monsters out in the garden for a photoshoot. The blue one is called Bob, the other remains nameless at present. We had a lovely time in the sun, I think they quite enjoyed the attention.

DSC_0259 DSC_0261 DSC_0262 DSC_0270 DSC_0277


A Changing Face

changing faceHe’s changing. His face has always seemed a little bit alien to me, angled in a way that no other person I’m related to angles. Tink, his lines are soft ,a little round and whilst the image is not born of our family, it has always felt comfortable. Stig has an edge to his bone structure. I marvel at his face often, the beauty, the distinction, the steely strength of his face, the defiance it is capable of holding.

Recently I see it changing, the weight of a young child with trauma is being replaced with an adolescent wired by his trauma. A man, in his earliest form, is emerging from the face I behold. A faint whisper of hair, a definition of jaw and a deepening sense of defiance. Those eyes could lose me forever in a world where I drive myself crazy trying to determine their voice.

He’s struggling with his sense of belonging; the early signs of adolescence bring a mind filled with the questions,

“Who am I?”

“Where do I belong?”

And yet there is a maturity which shows a greater awareness of self, beginning to understand the role he plays in his own life. Making choices to his benefit and not always challenging or reacting to the impulses which are so hard to regulate.

Yet some impulses are wild and yet untamed, the desires of a boy beginning puberty has brought a want to explore the world of sex on the internet. Inappropriate and shocking he seems to be unable to keep himself safe if the opportunity arises.

Every electronic device is now on lock down, pin or password protected and in a safe locked place at night. He seems calmer knowing these firm boundaries are in place and he can sleep without wondering if there is the slightest possibility.

His changing face stirs anxieties within me, worries about how he is processing his history and understanding of his place in his new family. I can only keep giving him the love I have for him and guide him where he will allow me to.

I no longer kid myself that the future is going to be easy and some day this will all be over, however I am starting to feel increasingly able to cope with this future. The hopelessness is dispersing.

As I drink in this boys changing face I am also filled with many hopes for his future, he has the capacity to overcome the challenges that lie ahead, especially with me by his side.

Leaf Painting


I love a bit of crafting but I really haven’t been channeling my inner creative crafter recently. Now I know this weeks Summer Sandpit theme is “nature” but I thought I could sort of combine the two. I also wanted to do something that I could entice the outdoors and nature resistant Tink into participating in. He loves to paint, I thought, so why don’t we paint nature, simple as that I came up with the idea of leaf painting. Strangely though, no matter how hard I tried, he still wouldn’t join in, so I had all the fun. Happily, Stig has said (now he’s back from camp) that he would love to leaf paint with me, bless him. So here goes, it’s really not difficult but I’ll give you a few hints.


Large Leaves

Acrylic Paint ( I buy the cheap ones from The Works)

Paint Brushes


Find some large leaves in your garden, those that seem sturdier and less floppy are best

Paint them with lovely patterns.

DSC_0310 DSC_0312 DSC_0314 DSC_0362 DSC_0344


As you see we turn ours into bunting for our outside seating area, by threading them onto a length of wool using a tapestry needle.

Other Ideas for painted leaves

A picture

A headdress

A mobile

Let me know if you have any other suggestions of things we could do with these decorative items.

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