A Review – Popagami Paper Fun


I came across this product on twitter and was instantly drawn to the simple idea that seemed novel. Origami using printed sheets which make up into animal heads or little finger puppets.  On further investigation, a visit to the website, I’m again impressed by the great looking site; bright, colourful and easy to navigate. Not only can you order the sheets and a booklet to arrive by post, some of the sheets can also be ordered and downloaded from the site to print endless copies  out at home,Starting from £0.20.

When we received the pack at home, it was great to see all the brightly coloured sheets, they instantly looked like fun. The book initially was a little disappointing as I had hoped it might make a good small present idea at £4.99 including P&P. But with only the smaller sheets included, folding instructions and lots if ideas on how to use the little puppets it is more of a manual. However the pack of bigger sheets, starting at £2.75 for 24 sheets, is a delight, the little faces are cute and inviting and my two boys want to have a go straight away.


When I do sit down, first with my nine year old there is much discussion about which creature to make first. I opt for the tiger and my son for the robot. We follow the instructions from the book. To look at they seem initially complicated but as we start and read carefully they are actually straight forward and well presented, the wording is easy to follow and the diagrams are clear.

As we start I realise it’s a good opportunity to teach my son how to fold neatly, so  we match corners carefully, hold in place and run our fingers over to create the creases. It gets a little more complicated towards the end but on the whole we follow the instructions easily. My son has remained engaged and has not found it too difficult; I’ve helped him only slightly. It’s fun working through it together. So we come to the point where the folding is finished and another exciting surprise we have to inflate the creatures by blowing them up.

“This is awesome” exclaims my son.


There we have it two little puppet heads. My son is keen to make another one straight away. Then a couple of days later he makes another three now with hardly any assistance. My youngest son, aged eight, is also keen to have a go and he too finds it fun and not too difficult to do. He also enjoys looking at the names of all the creatures in the book; they are also on the website, when deciding which one to make.

So I can see that these will keep creating fun, although not a long activity to carry out and one which needs a little guidance, it is quickly rewarding and they can be played with after. My son has suggested that we make them for the Christmas dinner table, one for everyone.

On a whole I am very impressed with the product. The pack of sheets is excellent value for money and if you did just want to buy these then the folding instructions are on the website.

A great activity that the kids can come back to time and time again, gaining in confidence as they go. Good fun for big children and adults too!

Pack starts at £2.75 including Postage and Packaging.

To visit Popagami Website Click HERE

Disclaimer : We did receive a free pack and book to try out and all opinions are genuinely my own.


  1. Stix December 6, 2012 / 12:10 pm

    They look like great fun. What age do you think they’re suitable from? Not sure if Mini (nearly 6) would manage this or not? But look like a great gift idea for his older cousin.

  2. thepuffindiaries December 6, 2012 / 12:17 pm

    Depends if the child is prepared to accept help! But my two at 8&9 didn’t struggle that much and the thing is once you’ve done it a couple of times they get the hang of it. Really good little gift idea.

  3. Nichola (@fabfortymum) December 6, 2012 / 10:21 pm

    These look brilliant, my girls are still too young, but I’d be tempted to get some and stash them away……or maybe make them myself when they are in bed!!

    • thepuffindiaries December 7, 2012 / 10:20 am

      If you have them in the house you’ll have to have a go. Good for making up stories for your little ones!

  4. Brian Smith December 7, 2012 / 11:40 am

    Hi Sarah – thanks for this! For little ones they are good recepticles for milk teeth and tooth fairy money-exchange (don’t have to use so much magic to change them into money using two identical designs)! Also good for themed parties and wedding favours!! Author of World of Popagami – Philip
    PS other books getting ready for release including a fantasy series

    • thepuffindiaries December 7, 2012 / 11:58 am

      We’ve really enjoyed them and the fantasy series sounds great.

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