Traditional Comforts


ImageWell Dressing is a beautiful Derbyshire Tradition which occurs annually. Petals and natural materials are pressed into clay to create images and designs. These plaques are then placed at the source of springs and wells in thanks for the water provided.

I have been very fortunate in being involved in this creative activity in which different parts of our local community participate. The school, the boys’ brigade, the church and a local hospice have all produced plaques this year. I very much enjoyed the few peaceful hours I spent pressing peppercorns and petals into the Wallace and Gromit plaque. Sharing tea and conversation with new and old friends whilst participating in a therapeutic activity away from the chaos and strain of home seemed like heaven. This is when being part of such a wonderful community means so much to me, the strength you gain from familiar faces, traditions, solidarity in your actions, keeps me strong. I’m fairly new to this activity but I am already looking forward to next year when I hope to be even more involved.

The theme this year was iconic items from the queens 60 year reign.