One Family up a Hill


One Family Up a Hill

There is a place we can go
When our feelings are low,
Where the wild winds blow,
The cobwebs of trauma away.
A place that Stig and daddy enjoy,
Cathartic for him and the boy,
A walking and talking foray.
Sometimes we too,
Mummy and Tink, accompany you,
And as a family we make the ascent.
To the top of a hill,
Where the view there will fill,
Your heart with the greatest content.
The grandest of landscapes,
Can be seen all around,
And the largest of worries are no longer found.
For the briefest of times
Anxiety declines
And bodies held together by pain,
Relax and revive,
We feel glad to be alive,
And together as a family up a hill.




If you recognise the places we visit please do not mention them in your comments, as we would like to keep our location private.

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How does your Garden Grow 06/02/14

GardenI’ve not been here for a while, and I’m not just referring to this lovely link up, I’ve hardly set foot in my garden over the winter months. We stripped it back bare at the beginning of winter and nothing seems to have been going on since. With that and my not enjoying the cold or squelching across the soggy lawn, there has seemed no use in being here. This week however, with my returning verve for blogging and some tiniest of shoots in my garden catching my eye, I have decide to venture back into the garden.

I had to look hard for evidence of growth, up in these cold northern hills spring is always a little later than it is for those in southern lands. But look hard I did and found the following little gems.DSC_0007 DSC_0010 DSC_0011

 Whilst squelching about looking for shoots I noticed that the succulents I had planted in some tins I love and just had to recycle into something, were still alive and well. I also realised that the patio furniture cushions seemed to never have made it into storage for the winter and therefore added a nice splash of colour to my shots.

DSC_0067 DSC_0073 DSC_0077

It’s was actually rather good to be back in the garden, and if we cross our fingers for no snow I may venture out again soon.

Mammasaurus and How Does Your Garden Grow?

New Family and Fresh Air

AdventureAwaitsThis last weekend we had a very special first meeting in our family. My cousin and his wife have also adopted a little boy. He’s been with them for nearly 6 months now and we hadn’t as yet met him, rightfully so he’s been settling in. However this weekend, a family birthday gave us all an opportunity to get together. My boys have been very interested and pleased to have another adopted child in our family and much discussion was had as to how he might be feeling and how best to approach him during this meeting.

We need not have worried too much as this adorable little boy seemed to take it all in his stride and was chatty and engaging with everyone. I suppose the knowing eye recognises the other side to his familiarity with those he’d not met before, but he still managed to very much charm everyone. I must admit I found it all a little overwhelming, meeting him and seeing them together as a family, it brought a tear to my eyes.

So an enjoyable lunch was had seeing family, my boys coped well, although Stig had a little wobble at the beginning when lots of people were arriving, but we managed to pull him through.  So to let off some steam, after holding everything together for a couple of hours, we visited a favourite stomping ground after the meal.

This National Trust property and grounds has been a favourite over the years, with plenty of different things to do, varying walks and a great adventure playground. We always take the woodland walk to get to the play area to ensure we’ve had a bit of a run out first. The weather had obviously put a lot of people off, but a slight drizzle, cold wind and dark skies doesn’t discourage this family, so the children had a lot of the apparatus to themselves. A relief really, means I’m less likely to have to apologise to some other parent for Tink’s bad language or blatant rudeness.

So here it is in pictures, our Sunday run out, and as a fantastic bonus to end the outing, the park deer came bounding over a hill very close to us, a really wonderful site to behold.


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Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall