Holidays – 5 Reasons to Smile

We are on holiday, a Caravan in Wales. We’ve not done this before, a caravan, Wales; we have been very lucky in the past few years to stay in a fairly isolated but very large villa in Portugal. Plenty of space for the family, room to be together or room to be apart and no neighbours to over hear all the tantrums and tears and not just from the kids, I’m prone to the odd holiday meltdown. So here we are in close proximity to other human beings, my boys interacting with other children and living with each other in a relatively confined space. Even as I write this I’m wondering why I ever thought this might be a good idea. I wasn’t naive enough to think that the changes would go without a hitch, we did do some preparation for going on holiday work, but looking back I should have done more. So instead of going to bed in tears, I’m going to try and find my holiday smile by doing a top five inspired by,

1.Pyjama Days

It’s the law in our house that the first none weekend day of all school holidays no one has to change out of their pyjamas or leave the house if they don’t want to. I must say I usually do get dressed but my youngest is the king of this activity and lounges around like Hugh Hefner, watching the TV, reading, playing his DS. Occasionally he might venture to the garden to bounce on the trampoline climb a tree, swing on a swing or ride his bike but all in his pyjamas. I like the one day where there is no pressure to do anything we don’t need or want to do. We just about manage the low level of structure for one day, but I always have an activity or two up my sleeve in case of restlessness, which Stig is quite susceptible to.

2.Outings with Friends.

I love those days when you are able to pack a picnic and head off somewhere open and green for a day with friends. It’s great when the kids play well together and forget about bothering you with every little thing their brother did/said to them and just have fun. In the meantime myself and other mum get to have a chinwag. Perfect.

3.No School Uniform.

I didn’t know whether to include this one, but I really do hate having to sort school uniform and constantly insure there is clean uniform causes me, a slightly disorganised mum, constant anxieties. I love the fact that I can send the kids to get themselves dressed or if I have to find clothing in my ironing mountain, any pair of bottoms and a top will do the job. To be fair the kids are also happy not to wear uniform, preferring to be draped in shorts and a t-shirt,  especially Stig  who likes to know he won’t be berated for covering his clothes in mud if he so decides

4.Hanging Out with the Kids.

It’s the opportunity to spend more time together. Now granted this is actually the exact thing which is causing me to tear my hair out at the moment, but I can see the golden opportunity of bonding this creates. It’s those snatched conversations which come from just being together. There are deep and meaningful questions as well as the rambling insight into their world and their thoughts or the lovely little statements they make, all pure magic. As Stig and I lay on his bed the other night, not rushing to turn the light out but just discussing the ins and outs of anything and everything he turned to me and said I’m so happy you’re my mummy”. Like I said.. Magic.

5.Returning to School.

There is such a thing as too much of a good thing and boy six and a half weeks together starts to be a bit too much. It’s not that I don’t enjoy all the hanging out together but routine must return or all that being together wouldn’t be special. To be honest it’s exhausting and I’ve always said that I’m the best mum I can possibly be when I have a little space to be me. So although the holidays are about family time, term time is my time, working, running, home stuff and organising. I’m excited for what the next school year will bring as I possibly start work on a project with my husband as well as put more time and effort into my creative side, Freda and Me ( see my Etsy Shop ). Stig will be ready to return to school and see all his friends although he will, as always, be apprehensive about a new teacher. Tink will not want to go, but I am confident that following his recent assessments (see previous post  ) school will start to improve for him. For both boys school is a big challenge but not one that we will shy away from. After hopefully creating warm and fuzzy happy holiday memories we will move forward with all that we face and not be afraid, that is something to be excited about.

Do you know what? I think it’s worked. Having reflected on all these positives I am going to bed looking forward to what tomorrow will now bring….


  1. Looking for Blue Sky August 25, 2012 / 9:44 pm

    As you have noticed my summer has become quite stressful, but I remember enjoying summers like yours, especially when number one daughter (now 19) was little. I especially loved the days out with friends, I’ll treasure those memories forever :)

    • adoptionbliss August 26, 2012 / 9:30 am

      Thanks for popping by and hope you get a much deserved moment of calm some time soon…in the next 20 years. x

  2. Lisa August 26, 2012 / 12:48 pm

    Enjoyed reading this Sarah – four (or is it five?!) weeks into the holidays I’m lacking the clarity and mental energy to put such things into words as well as you! The summer holidays always last both too long and not long enough! As long as the time we want them to last longer outweighs the time we wish them to pass quickly, I think we’re winning :)xx

    • adoptionbliss August 27, 2012 / 9:53 am

      Thanks Lisa, only one week to go now…getting close to the end. x

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