I Wish……..Snap Happy Brit Mums

I’m suffering from child fatigue. After navigating the obstacle that can be half term and crossing the line with gold stars all round. No massive fall outs between parents and children, children playing well together and sharing laughter, secrets and imaginative worlds beyond the understand of my adult brain, I don’t know how Moshi Monsters and toy soldiers co-exist but they can. A good balance of fun activities, Halloween, play places, shopping for some, rock climbing for another, along side at home  time, down time, TV, DVD’s and those imaginative worlds. Phew I feel I’ve masterminded one our best holiday breaks for a while so you’d think I could relax a bit with the return to school.

Unfortunately being the parent of adopted children, and I understand some none adopted kids can struggle with this as well, returning to the school routine is not easy. Both my children have been anxious about going back and have their own unique ways of displaying their disapproval. Stig ups the controlling anti, trying to boss his brother, tell me what I’m thinking, get away with not doing the little things, he is on a heightened level of arousal  meaning his brain is fogged and he doesn’t take in everything you say. If I’m honest I find this skittish behaviour irritating and annoying because he grumps and sulks more readily at things he doesn’t like and it feels like I’m dealing with a “Kevin” ( as in and Perry) style teenager at 9. I’m not always best at biting my tongue and like to repelling magnets we start to push each other away.

Day three and Tink has regressed to “I hate school and don’t want to go”. I had to dress him this morning, coaxing, cajoling and bribing him all the way to the school gate. All the camaraderie with his brother is gone, anxiety defences have been re-established and the rude, hurtful  little boy has returned. So with Stig on heightened arousal and his brother goading him at every opportunity and my fatigue growing, family life at this moment is not joyous.
So with that in mind I wish to be in my photograph. I wish to be lying on a sun lounger with heat on my skin a cool drink in hand, a book to escape into and most of all I wish there, for a short time (3 days maybe) to be no kids.
…..Appear now fairy godmother.


  1. Older Mum (@Older_Mum) November 7, 2012 / 4:41 pm

    That sounds pretty tough. Does Stig tend to settle again soon after term has started? It must be hard to know what to do when you know it’s his brain on super arousal. That pool looks like exactly the thing I need! x.

    • thepuffindiaries November 7, 2012 / 8:55 pm

      Sometimes it’s hard to know. He settled better than I’ve ever seen entering year 5 in September but these things are not always predictable. We cross our fingers it wont take long. I’ll book the flights for the holiday. x

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