Im a Trustee for The Open Nest.


I’ve hinted about it a bit, talked a little about it at times, I Instagramed a picture from our first trustee meeting but I’ve not formally said it. So here is the announcement, I am very proud to be a Trustee for The Open Nest Charity.

This charity aims to provide post adoption support for families in crisis, through a number of different channels, which are currently under development. At the core of what the charity aims to do is  provide respite care for families.This will take place in a beautiful rural setting with lots of activities and support provided by specialist, trained staff.

Whilst the Charity is awaiting Ofsted approval ,Amanda Booreman, the founder, is in discussion with a LA to devise a feasible and workable plan of action that will enable those families that really need access to their facilities to be identified and provided for.

The Open Nest is very supportive of the work Vicki from The Boys Behaviour and myself do on The Adoption Social. They understand that a community that “gets it”  is the foundations of a good support network.

So together with The Open Nest we are delivering our first conference on Saturday the 18th of October, in York. A user led conference with inspirational speakers and opportunity for discussion , oh and a social event organised by The Adoption Social, it’s all in the name. The tickets are at a subsidised cost at £25, making it accessible to more people. I will let you know when there are more details. If you are interested in attending then contact me and I’ll ensure you get the information.

The Open Nest has also commissioned this short but powerful film to help others understand how a lack of support can feel. The content of the film was collated from the twitter community and other adopters and adoptees. Please take a short moment to watch it.

The Open Nest. The Lost Children Of Trauma. from marry waterson on Vimeo.

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