My Precious for #NAW13

naw13GGrrr what to say, what to say, that’s the dilemma. It’s National Adoption Week and I write about adoption and co-host a site (The Adoption Social) about all things adoption, I must have something cool, witty, clever and most of all highly supportive to say about Adoption. So where is it?

Instead I just wrote some words, as they came and here they are..


The way in which we formed our family has brought us many things.

Many of them unexpected,

Many of them beyond belief.

I never knew so many tears,

Such engulfing rage,

Aching sadness,


Could be part of something I love so much.

Stomach churning,

Gut knotting,

Turn me inside out emotion.

Stretching the parameters of my perceptions of parenting,

Reshaping my whole concept of family,

Reforming a future for us all.

Knowing that a child needs more than some are prepared to give.

Fighting the fight, because no one else will,

And knowing in your heart that it’s the only thing to do.

The torture of a love spiked with trauma,

The relentless moments you are unprepared for.

Fight, flight or freeze, which will it be?

And then,

Just out of the corner of your eye you spot it,

That glistening little fragment,

Is it hope?

It shines so bright, its purity and brilliance takes your breath away.

You bend and retrieve it and place it in your pocket.

The tiniest of things that is there, remains with you always,

And reminds you to keep going.

13 thoughts on “My Precious for #NAW13

  1. Verily Victoria Vocalises

    Oh Sarah, how I have missed your poetry. You always write with such great passion. I am so sorry I have only just got round to visiting you but thank you so much for linking up during National Adoption week – this means so much to have you do that. So beautifully written and expressed xx


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