Press Release – A New Website – The Adoption Social

This has been keeping myself and Vicki form The Boys Behaviour very busy in recent weeks and this is the press release that we sent out to over 200 organisations today and yesterday.


COMING SOON – The Adoption Social!

 A new blog to encourage and support those involved in adoption will launch on 14 June.

Developed by two adoptive parent bloggers, The Adoption Social ( is a new site to support and encourage the use of social media as a tool for prospective adoptive parents, adoptive parents, adopted people and professionals involved too.

As well as becoming the home for the already successful ‘The Weekly Adoption Shout Out’ (or #WASO as it’s known on Twitter), The Adoption Social will feature:

Memory Box – A weekly blog link-up to celebrate great moments. This could be good parenting achievements, fab things your children do, good memories and could be text, poetry or even photos. The aim is to share positivity and achievement.

Blogless Blogging – This section provides a space for anonymous posts from bloggers who don’t feel able to post on their own sites, one-off guest posts or those wishing to try their hand at blogging.

Me & My Blog/My Twitter Life – Regular posts from others already using social media; sharing tips, advice and experience.

Adoption Social Connections – Tips on how to get started on Twitter, set up a blog, use other social media resources and also includes lists of useful contacts already on Twitter, Facebook and a blog roll.

A Problem Shared – A spot where people can anonymously or not put forward a particular problem or issue, and others can comment or share experiences and advice.

In time we also hope to launch twitter parties, include reviews of books, programmes and films, and hold a diary of events that might be of interest.

Vicki, who writes The Boy’s Behaviour and is co-founder of The Adoption Social says “As an adoptive parent myself, I’ve found blogging has helped me find others in the same position as our family. There have been times when we’ve had to pretty much lock down and work on healing and repairing our family, but that’s isolating, and so Twitter and Blogging have been my lifelines to the outside world. We’re not experts, but we know what’s helped us. ”

“For me The Adoption Social is about providing support for those living within adoption, through creating social media connections. I’ve found that support myself and I want to share it with others who maybe feel sometimes that they are very much alone. We aim to reach out to these people and by sharing experiences and understanding we hope to create a social media community that can truly help.“ Added Sarah, from The Puffin Diaries, the other founder of The Adoption Social.

It is hoped that adoption agencies, social workers, training providers and advocacy and support organisations  will help promote The Adoption Social to their adoptive parents and prospective adoptive parents as a place they can access friendly support. More and more agencies are signing up to Twitter and Facebook and clearly are appreciating the types of connections they can build through such tools, The Adoption Social hopes to build on and develop those connections.



  1. Suzanne May 23, 2013 / 4:11 pm

    Fantastic! Well done to both of you – what an invaluable resource :)

  2. Eleanor May 23, 2013 / 4:40 pm

    Wow, what a fantastic idea and achievement! I think it sounds great, I look forward to checking it out and maybe joining in :)

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