Playtime – An Interview and Images

I’ve done a little experiment for this post and it’s not quite worked as well as I hoped, but hay ho stepping into a new arena was never going to be easy. I’ve interviewed Stig about playing, it’s short and very quiet but it’s our first attempt and he’s proud of it. So turn your sound up and move away from anything noisy and click below to hear Stig talking Play…


Over the years we’ve played in lots of different ways, here are just a few of our favourites.


Snap Happy Brit Mums – Childhood Dreams

When my boys first came to live with us it was explained, by social services, that due to their neglectful background, that they would lack imagination in play. Starved by stimulation they were unable to dream up their own characters and stories during playtime. In those early days Mr H and I sat on the floor moving the figures and cars around suggesting dialogue, names and a plot to the game.

Early on Stig showed an interest in building things especially with Lego. He has gradually built up quite a collection of Lego from different kits he’s had. On receiving a box of his delight he firstly follows the instructions to build the item as it’s shown in the pictures. Then the item will be deconstructed and placed in a big container of other deconstructed items. From this box he then begins to build items which he designs in his head, dreams upĀ  by himself.

Today Stig’s imagination runs on over load thinking up all the vehicles, ships and guns he can create with his Lego. He will often choose to go and play with his Lego instead of watching the television. Up in his room his games are full of different characters, vehicles and battling sounds of explosions, gunfire and shouted commands, all crafted from the inside of his mind . He can remain captivated by his own imagination for hours. Lego has helped Stig to develop his imagination enabled him to create and build his childhood dreams.