#MemoryBox – Shoe Laces

050So Stig has gone off to adventure camp this week and the last couple of weeks we have been preparing him for this escapade. As you can imagine the kit list required a good pair of walking boots or sturdy shoes. Knowing full well that his existing pair were on the small side, and that a few other items were required, we toddled off to one of those big outdoors type shops.

There was plenty of choice, but of course we needed to consider price and practicality, by that I mean they needed to be Velcro, or so we thought. Stig particularly liked a pair, in the sale but with laces and so the challenge was on. We have been here before with laces and too much frustration has seen new shoes being launched across the room. But maybe, just maybe, now was the right time.

He had a go at tying them in the shop, unsuccessfully, but there seemed to be no frustration. So we made a deal. “learn to tie your laces before adventure camp and you can have five pounds to take with you.”

Yesterday morning he strode out of our front door wearing those shiny new boots ( won’t be so shiny when they get home I’m sure), laces tied with double knot and a fiver in his pocket.

He has persevered this week, having a go most days and he’s cracked it. Plus he’s so pleased with his new ability and his new boots that he’s had them on his feet most days and I’ve seen him admiring his own handy work a couple of times.

It’s another sign that maturity can start to bring those often much lacking qualities in our adopted children, patience and self belief.