The Award Season Post

Well I thought it unlikely that I would ever get a chance to be nominated for an award, only in my wildest dreams, but maybe just maybe this is THE chance for me. So if you really love this little old space in the vast world of blogging that I occupy, you could help that dream come true and nominate me for a MAD (mums and dads) blogging Award.

I’m a new blog only 7 months in all, so that would be the best category I think, Best New Blog but, you might think I have a chance else where, although best pregnancy blog could be pushing it.

So click the link here and add the full address, as your nomination.



Shameless I know!

You have to choose a blog of the year first, that could be any blog you love. You will then go through to the categories where you place your nominees against each category. Remember Best New Blog *waves hands vigorously* “hello yes me The Puffin Dairies, thank you”.

You do not need to fill them all in just the ones you want to but there are lots of amazing blogs out there so nominate as many as you can. Closing date for nominations is the 18th February.

Right now we’ve got that sorted, I’d like to fain disinterest and say that if you don’t vote that’s ok because I know I’m the best, my son told me so……..


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